Hello there

Young woman with long red hair and a dark blue cap on the left side looking in the distance to the left surrounded by a big green leafy plant Photo by Rebecka Wolfe

Hi! I’m Florentyna Leow, a writer based in Tokyo. (日本語版はこちら)

I write articles and create content for a range of clients and publications. While my professional work primarily covers food, travel, and Japan, my interests span pretty much everything from moss and doors to demons and kimono.

I love taking complex subjects and making them clear and engaging for the average, non-expert reader. My preference is for longer pieces that allow me to explore a subject or story with the depth and nuance it deserves. I am fluent in Japanese, which allows me to conduct interviews here without an interpreter.

Various hats worn include: travel consultant, translator, tour guide, online event producer, interpreter, transcriber, photographer.

My newsletter is called the adventures of furochan. I can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

I’m always looking out for new opportunities and collaborations. Some dream projects include writing books and hosting a food/travel show. (manifest!)

For ways you can work with me, see this page.

I’m not great at email, but I read it all and you can try here: eatwithfurochan AT gmail DOT com

Some background

After leaving my home country (Malaysia) in 2010, I spent several years in London and Kyoto before moving to Tokyo. My academic background is in Japanese language and art history, with a dose of Japanese literature and cinema. I began my career in retail and moved on to sales, travel planning, and tour guiding. I have been self-employed since 2018, predominantly writing but also juggling a number of different roles at any given time.

I write extensively about Japan, mostly because I am based here and it’s an inextricable part of my personal and professional life. (You can read more about that here.) However, my interests aren’t geographically confined to where I am: I am generally a curious and omnivorous reader, and am partial to writing on food, nature, and sustainable travel, memoirs, personal essays, and well-crafted fantasy novels.

In a past life, I led walking tours around west Japan––primarily Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Kanazawa––for Walk Japan, one of the country’s best walking tour providers. I have also walked and hiked around Japan with them: the Izu peninsula, parts of the Kyushu Olle, the Nakasendo Way, Basho’s Narrow Road to the North, the Shiretoko peninsula, Hokkaido’s national parks. Someday I’d love to walk along the Michinoku Coastal Walking Trail and visit the forests of Yakushima.

I am also a keen, if relatively new, road cyclist. Some places I’ve cycled––most often with my favourite person––include parts of Wakayama, Fukushima, Kyoto, Shimanami Kaido, Tobishima Kaido, Iya Valley, and Tokushima. (Please feel free to commission pieces on cycling!) I also love snowshoeing when it’s too cold to comfortably ride around on two wheels.

In my spare time I read, say hello to every single dog I meet, tend to my balcony herb garden, play the ukulele and listen to an eclectic mix of music from Debussy to Cardi B (much to the dismay of my poor neighbours).